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Almond Peanut Blanch Peeling Machine Wholesale Price

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:100-300kg per hour
  • WhatsApp: +8618537181190


This almond nut blanch peeling machine a kind of wet peeling machine, mainly used to peel almond, peanut, beans, soybeans, broad beans, etc. The uniqueness of this wet  nut peeling machine is that it has a high peeling rate, and the final nuts after peeling are not broken.
GELGOOG Machinery also offer Dry Nuts Peeling Machine
almond blanch peeling machine
This automatic wet type peanut peeling machine can be used to peel off peanuts, almonds, beans, and broad beans in a wet manner (after soaking in water). Widely used in the commercial field, it is highly praised by users.
The same machine can be used to proess:
1.For almond, the capacity is 100-180kilograms per hour
2.For peanut, the capacity is 150-250kilograms per hour
3.For broad bean,the capacity is 180-300kilograms per hour
peanut almond peeling machine
Wet type almond skin peeling machine is one of the tools that contributes a lot to agricultural development. It mainly removes peanut skin by rolling, and has the advantages of stable and reliable performance, long service life, low half-grain rate and good quality. It is suitable to process peanuts/almond of various specifications.

Technical Data

Material type Model Production efficiency(kg/h) Peeling rate(%) Breaking rate(%) Kernel rate(%)
peanut GGQS-11 200-250 95-97 1-2 85-95
GGQS-8 150-180 95-97 1-2 85-95
soy rice GGQS-11 180-200 93-95 1-3 50-60
GGQS-8 120-150 93-95 1-3 50-60
GGQS-11 150-180 93-95 2-3 85-90
GGQS-8 100-150 93-95 2-3 85-90
broad bean GGQS-11 250-300 92-95 3-5 60-70
GGQS-8 180-200 92-95 3-5 60-70



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