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Drum Type Chips Flavoring Snack Seasoning Machine Factory

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:150-200kg/h
  • WhatsApp: +8618537181190


This drum type chips snack flavoring machine is Mainly used to process the potato chips, and other snacks,etc.Flavoring material adopts screw fixed conveying, advanced flavoring system guarantee flavored evenly, speed of screw are adjustable.Rotary roller adopts complete molding without dead angle.This snack chips seasoning and coating machine can make slated/sweet/spicy flavor, colorful and so on.
commercial chips flavoring machine
Advantages of commercial chips flavoring machine:
1.Full stainless steel, good quality and durable.Electric control,speed adjustable,clockwise and counter-clockwise rotary. High quality and capacity, Rotation stability, low noise ,Easy operate and automatic is the most advanced food seasoning equipment in the whole world.Roller can blow hot air and slurry tank with insulating layer. The two tanks can works Alternatively. Temperature is adjustable. Easy operation, easy maintain.
2.Roller can blow hot air and slurry tank with insulating layer. The two tanks can works Alternatively. 
3.Easy operation, easy maintained.The rotary drum adopts double-layer structure, has electricity heating hot air design,Rotary roller drum adopts complete molding, without dead angle.Oil spraying nozzle can adjust the oil amount, spraying equally.
This drum type chips flavoring machine can process potato chips, french fries, banana chips, puffed food, corn chips, pellet chips, prawn crackers, peanuts, green peas, etc.

GELGOOG also offer Small Batch Seasoning Machine
batch chips seasoning machine

Technical Data

Model Installed power Output Size
GGLTS-1 single-drum flavoring line 1.5kw 150-200kg/h 3000*1000*1800



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