Sesame Cleaning Machine|Sesame Washing Machine|Nut Cleaning Machine

Material: sesame

Capacity: 2T/H

Loading Port: Qingdao port


The sesame cleaning machine adopts the light feature of sesame to remove the stone,sand and soil by water cleaning.Saving time,and can remove the moisture of sesame.Thus.Also can saving cost of roaster.These machines also can be customized.

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The sesame cleaning machine is designed to combine the characteristics of sesame materials. This equipment series uses the washing method to remove the dirt on the surface of sand and sesame seeds in sesame seeds. It is an ideal choice for deep-processing sesame foods for sesame seeds.It's adopts the light feature of sesame to remove the stone, sand and soil by water cleaning. Saving time, and can remove the moisture of sesame. Thus. Also can saving cost of roaster. These machines also can be customized according to your demand. 
No. Item Capacity Parameter
1 Pneumatic Hoist 2T/H Power: 0.75KW
2 Sesame Cleaning Machine 2T/H Power: 0.75KW
Dimension: 2400*500*1650mm
3 Sesame Drying Conveyor 2T/H Power:3.5KW
Dimension: 2300*1000*1000 mm

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