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Automatic Cashew Nuts Peeling Machine - GELGOOG Machinery

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:150-300kg/h
  • WhatsApp: +8618537181190


The cashew nut peeling machine adopts pneumatic principle, will bring pralines processing into a nut without any damage.Nuts without peeling after bubble water can use this equipment, peeling rate is above 95%, nuts, fruit automatic separation.
cashew nut peeling machine price
Features of automtatic cashew nut peeling machine are as follows:
1, the use of special design principle of peeling, peeling process, completely nuts without blade and hardness of the friction effect, so can ensure integrity of the processing objects, and no pollution, etc.
2, Short-time automatic feed, peeling, discharging, automatic operation, and practical, save electricity, small volume, high efficiency, easy maintenance and cleaning, low failure rate characteristics.
3, The automatic feed device, nuts peel automatic separation of products conform to the hygiene standards.
The nuts can be peeled automatically without any injury and the kernels can be kept smooth and whole. The products confirms to national environmental sanitation standard, and is in conformity with any export conditions.It is equipped with automatic feeding device, so nuts kernel can be separated from the  skin automatically, and the product conforms to the hygiene standards.
This cashew nut peeling machine adopts the  most international advanced pneumatic components. Nuts of various sizes can be  peeled by this equipment with the same and perfect peeling result.The Cashew Peeling Machine works with pneumatic principle,specially Designed to be used for peeling cashew nuts,and so on,separating the kernels from the inner soft skin of the kernels efficiently.It can adopt pneumatic principle effectively to peel the cashew nuts.The machine has beautiful appearance and convenient operation,this machine is practice machine, and it can save eclectic consumption with high capacity, and easy to maintain.and the peeling rate reach above 98%.

Technical Data

Model GG-150 GG-300
Capacity  150KG/H 300KG/H
Into the air flow 1.05 m 3/min 3m3/min
Into the air compressor power 7.5 KW / 380 v / 50 hz


the air pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa


The heating single power 0.2 KW / 220 v / 50 hz


Take off the net rate



Overall dimensions 640 * 600 * 600mm


Weight 70kg 130kg



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