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Puffed Rice Cakes Machine|Rice Krispies Treat Machine On Sale

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:100,150,300kg/h, can be customized
  • WhatsApp: +8618537181190


Puffed Rice Cake Processing Line can be used to make puffed rice, wheat, black rice etc crisp candy. This puffed rice cake processing line is consist of rice air flow puffing machine, sugar cooking pot, temperature control nonstick mixer, automatic molding machine and pillow type packing machine. The final puffed rice cake is with 80 diameter, thinkness is 0.6-1cm. The size can be customized.
puffed rice cake making machine
No.1 Rice air flow puffing machine: Large output, energy-saving, simple operation, small labor force strength and high efficiency. The workers who are familiar with operation can operate three sets of bulking machines at the same time.
No.2 Sugar cooking pot: It is kettle type cooking pot, sugar cooking effect is good. And easy to operate. Automatic discharge.
No.3 Temperature control nonstick mixer
It adopts far-infrared plate heat, heat uniform, fluoride nitrogen-treated barrel surface besmear not touch thrun coating, mixing the effect is much better. Equipped with automatic temperature control system, temperature regulation more convenient.
No.4 Automatic molding machine
Use the transformation of different molds, can produce round, per rod, square and other shapes of wheat, rice, pass, egg sweet potato cakes, frozen swelled candy rice and pearl bar so on.
No.5 Pillow type packing machine
Simple driving system, reliable working, convenient maintenance,All the controls are achieved by software, convenient for function adjusting and upgrading.

Technical Data

Name Model Power(kw) Capacity(kg/h) Size(mm)
Rice Puffing Machine GGFK-120/160 0.75 50/80 1200*500*1200
Temperature Sugar Cooking Pot GGFK-50/100 12 50/100 1200*1000*800
Temperature Control Mixing Machine GGFK-460/ 600 1.1 100/150 680*500*800
Multifunctional Molding Machine GGFK-58 3.3 100-200 5800*720*1400
Servo Model Packing Machine GGFK-280 2.4 50 3700*670*1450



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