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The Process of Industrialized Production of Clean Vegetables

Cleaning is an important link to ensure product quality in the process of leafy vegetable processing and production. Its purpose is to remove the mud on the surface of vegetables from the cut surfaces of vegetables during processing. The edible parts of root vegetables mostly grow underground, such as potatoes, carrots, yams, and taro.
clean vegetable processing machine

 These underground rhizomes are generally rich in starch, protein, dietary fiber, etc., which supplement the nutrients needed by the human body and enrich people's dining tables. Today, the editor takes you to the finished product workshop of our company's R&D factory to visit the cleaning process of root vegetables.
Cleaning process of vegetables
1. Wash and peel
There is a lot of soil on the surface of root vegetables, and the key link in processing is to clean and peel them.
2. Air dry
The cleaned and peeled root vegetables need to be air-dried in time to prolong the shelf life and shelf life of the vegetables.
3. Cutting
The processing of root vegetables all involves cutting. Through the cutting equipment, the root vegetables are cut into uniform slices, strips and shreds.
Vegetable cleaning equipment
According to the root vegetable cleaning process, GELGOOG vegetable cleaning line mainly includes vegetable cleaning machines, air knife air dryers, multi-functional vegetable cutters, packaging machines, etc. In order to improve the automation level of the production line, hoists, belt conveyors, picking tables, etc. need to be equipped accordingly.
vegetable cleaning machine for sale
According to the characteristics of root vegetables, our company has developed and designed a complete set of cleaning and processing solutions for root vegetables, deeply understands the needs of customers, and continuously improves the cleaning rate of root vegetables, so that the processed vegetables are uniform, beautiful, clean and shelf-friendly long term. The whole solution has a large processing scale, high automation level, reduces labor costs, saves water and electricity energy, has reached cooperation with thousands of enterprises in more than 100 countries and regions, and is well received and recognized by customers.
If you have a large number of processing needs for cleaning root vegetables, please call us to obtain exclusive root vegetable processing solutions.