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Sugar Cubes Processing Machine Introduction

coffee sugar cubes machine
Coffee Sugar Processing Machine
1 Sugar Grinder Machine
To use the relative motion between movable and fixed teeth disc,and the raw materials is grinded by the comprehensive actions such as impacted by teeth, friction, impact between raw materials.
2 Mixed Spiral Feeding Machine
Automatically sending sugar, automatic forming technology, continuous briquetting machine, which is mainly used for pressure square shape, and other various shapes.
3 Sugar Cubes Making Machine 
Sugar machine that can achieve automatic rotation, automatic frequency control and continuous briquetting, and is mainly applied in the briquetting of sugar with cube shapes. It has two specifications of 16*16*13mm and 16*16*15mm. The equipment is applied in the briquetting of sugar particles with less than 19% water and 100% sugar.
4 Tablet Linkage Conveyor
The interlocking machine is to push the cube sugar into the oven,It is supporting the use of drying oven .It can makes the drying effect much better.
5 Infrared Drying Tunnel
This machine was made of full stainless steel, high quality and good effect, easy to operation and maintain.
6 Cooler Machine
The operation is very simple and suitable for factory, school, hospital and restaurant etc. to make soybean milk, soy milk, and bean curd.
7 Semi-automatic Sugar Packing Machine
The machine is by vacuum suction cup, according to the size of the box, catching the sugar into box, health, efficiency and can’t hurt the sugar.