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Smoking Oven Sold to Indonesia

smoking oven

Machine: Smoking Oven
Quantity: 2 sets
Certificate: CE
Place: Indonesia

Smoked furnace is used for processing sausages, ham, meat, tofu,vegetables. By cooking, drying, smoking and other technical details, the raw meat or processed meat and other food mature products, it can produce satisfactory demand for meat finished variety of flavors and tastes.
Within the whole outer walls are made of 304 stainless steel wire drawing board manufacturing excellent sandwich filling insulation materials to ensure energy savings. Distribution system consists of imported electrical elements, ensure long-term trouble-free operation.
The machine 63 # channel selected furnace structure manufacturing, host configuration table package board selected the outstanding 304 stainless steel plate, the thickness of 1.5mm manufacturing, construction exterior skin strong convergence, all high strength and good sealing effect, look very solid, smooth, Pretty. 120 ℃ high temperature resistant insulation choice of insulation materials, energy saving effect is remarkable.
Furnace door also use construction structure, exterior package board made of stainless steel plate, thickness 2mm manufacturing, construction and exterior skin Cohesion solid, insulation resistance, 120 ℃ temperature selection insulation material. Marginal internal door directly inlaid door seals, high strength, good seal, the door seal for special high-temperature non-toxic rubber products, high strength and good all furnace door seal, and the appearance of very solid, smooth and beautiful.