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Smoker Oven For Sales

Smoked oven
is one of the main equipment of smoked food production. Smoked fuming furnace main portion and a portion of smoked food. We have automatic smoke oven, semi-smoked oven, furnace pure hand smoke. For heating steam heating, electric heating. Smoke can be divided into the built-in and external fuming.
Smoked oven can be used for meat processing enterprises and individual processing of meat necessary equipment, such as fish, chicken, duck, sausage, soy products can be smoked, smoked oven with cooking, smoking, drying, on color capabilities, smoked food shiang color thick, each technology function with automatic control, temperature, smoke automatically adjustable, improve product quality meat processing key equipment.
It can burn wood, sawdust, wood grain, lumber and other materials to produce fumes. Fume generated by the control panel.