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Industrial Production of Chili Sauce

Based on the successful implementation of the chili sauce processing solution tailored by GELGOOG for TC Company in Trinidad and Tobago, TC Company has entered the track of industrialization from workshop production.
The TC company is mainly engaged in the construction industry and operates a large farm in the country. It mainly grows peppers and produces chili sauce through a household broken wall beater for small-scale sales. With the meticulous pursuit of product technology, TC company's chili sauce has gained more and more customers' love, often in short supply. TC began to think about expanding production, stabilizing product quality and extending the shelf life of chili sauce through industrial production.
Chili Sauce Processing Machine
According to local consumer preferences, TC company adopts a water-based chili sauce production process including chili cleaning, grinding, packaging and other links. Combined with the processing needs of customers, GELGOOG's product engineers have proposed chili sauce processing solutions including cleaning equipment, cutting equipment, beating and grinding equipment, cooking and sterilization equipment, packaging equipment and packaging consumables, and according to the customer's factory area A schematic diagram of the production line process was made based on factors such as area and output, and the specific name, power, size and other parameters of the equipment were remarked in detail.
Considering that TC Company has not been involved in production line processing before, GELGOOG has demonstrated the operation of the core equipment of the production line through online meetings for many times, and promised to provide a series of services such as equipment installation, commissioning, training, maintenance, etc., which further enhanced the customer cooperation confidence.
   "GELGOOG's entire set of machines works very well. Now our chili sauce production has been greatly increased, the shelf life has been extended, and the key is the quality has become more stable. I believe my business will get better and better."