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Prawn Cracker Machine Sold To Myanmar

prawn cracker machine

Machine: Prawn Cracker Making Machine
Quantity: 1 set of production line
Certificate: CE
Place: Myanmar

"I am from Myanmar.I would like  to buy prawn cracker making machine." We have reveived cutomer's inquiry from Myanmar and contacted our customer immediately.Customer is in business of making snack food, puffed food,etc. Fried prawn cracker is a popular snack food in Myanmar. Customer intends to use cassava starch or tapioca starch as raw materials to make different prawn crackers as new recipe. Finally, customer ordered a total set of Prawn Cracker Making Machines.

Why Choose GELGOOG® prawn cracker making machine?
1, Real Professional Factory/Manufacturer.
Our factory, has more than 20 years of experience. We have been in export business over six years.
2. Three Models Prawn Cracker Making Machines For Your Selection.
The whole series including 3 models, each model produce crackers in different capacity, with different prices. But basic operation and function of each model is almost the same.
3. Wide Raw Materials Can Be Used.
The total set of machine can be used to produce shrimp cracker, prawn cracker, etc. The raw materials can be corn starch, tapioca starch, shrim oil/powder, prawn oil/powder, fresh shrimp/prawn etc. in differnet sizes, shapes and thickness with various recipe.
4. Adjustable Colors, Sizes & Shapes of Finished Products.
The color of the the finished crackers depend on what kind of raw materials you use, and the thickness of the CRACKER is changeable, depend on cutting speed.The shape and sizes of the crackers can be customized in round, square, rectangular, oval or other shapes.
prawn crackers