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Commercial Pizza Cones Making Machine|Pizza Cones Making Machine

The sweet-tube pizza is delicious and beautiful, without the need for a knife and fork. The strange and cute shape is eye-catching and enticing, and it is in the palm of your hand. Originating from the Italian lover roll, the golden cone coat is wrapped in a combination of “fruit, vegetables, beef, cheese, seafood”, sour, sweet, hemp, spicy, salty and impact buds, bite a bite, pull out long Long silk, delicious and fun. Diversified nutrition elements, more choices of taste, suitable for all ages, is the love of foodies
pizza cones maker
Product advantages:
• Advanced technology:  with excellent equipment, few in the country
• Safe production: button control cone production process
• Flexible production: adjustable temperature, adjust the upper and lower mold temperature of the drum mold according to different recipes
• Indication Reminder: Built-in automatic alarm device for the cone pizza machine, peripheral power indicator + core temperature indicator light
• Emergency plan: Emergency stop key, as soon as one press, drop to stop working