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Pizza Cone Making Machine

This pizza cone making machine is manufactured by GELGOOG Company for making pizza cones, ice cream cones,etc. The temperature of mould is same ordinary models, adjust to the required temperature, that is automatically maintain constant temperature, and opening and closing process by the electrical drive, the operation button to complete, but also optional continuous production function steps to achieve a half Automatic control, thereby greatly reducing the labor intensity and improve production efficiency.
pizza cones making machine
Commercial Pizza Cone Making Machine is specially made for producing cone shaped pizza.With all stainless steel design, the appearance of simple and generous, with food-grade pizza tube mold, insulating material can prevent the mold sticking cone. Can be adjusted according to different recipes pizza tube mold upper and lower mold temperature, full automatic operation. The machine is equipped with automatic alarm device. The product quality is stable. It is certified by CE and ISO: 9001-2008 and other international standards. It is safe and reliable. It is widely used in restaurants, pizzeria, pizza shop, pizza retail store, Takeaway and other major food and beverage industry.
A.Your logo carving on the cone mould is possible.
B. We can design your favorable cone shape accourding to your sample.
C. We can provide other different samples.