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Video of Peanut Brittle Making Machine

The peanut brittle making machine is composed of feeding, spreading, automatic cutting and cooling conveying. The whole equipment adopts frequency conversion synchronous control, PLC control cutting length, multi-roller flattening, forming Founder good, cutting length accurate, machine continuous type production to achieve a truly automatic, all-intelligent operation. The peanut brittle making machine is suitable for peanut brittle, sesame brittle, cashew brittle, rice candy, Shaqi Ma, crisp cakes and other snack foods.
1, The model is to combine all the advantages and functions of this industry, while applicable to peanut candy, rice candy, rice, melon sugar and so on.
2, This machine can produce a lot of shapes and shapes; spherical, love-shaped, round cake, round bar, semi-circular, triangular, plum-shaped .....
3, The machine does not damage the nuts particles, forming beautiful; direct molding, no rework waste and loss.
4, The whole machine for mechanical transmission, no air pump, positioning is very accurate; closely with the upper and lower die, forming a very good effect.
5, The configuration of high-performance inverter, speed convenient, high efficiency; stable performance, 24-hour high-speed continuous production.
6, Exposed to all parts of the food, are non-toxic materials, and oil temperature.
8, This machine is with cold transport links, may need to change the length or installation of cooling fan, in order to improve the cooling effect.