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Sesame Butter Cooling Machine|Peanut Paste Cooling Machine

We have different lengths of this cooling machine, customers can tell us how long he or she needs, and then we can customize it for customer.The operation of our cooling machine is simple, electricity usage power is small, safe, and is very popular with customers in this line of business. Before starting the detailed inspection, check the fastening parts with or without loose phenomenon. Check whether the power source line is damaged, the there are no foreign bodies, 
cooling machine
Features of the peanut paste cooling machine:
1.Reasonable structure,
2.Novel appearance,
3.Large capacity, 
4.High efficient, 
5.Durable and long life time.
Advantages of the butter cooling machine:
This machine has a compact structure, not only has a large capacity, but also has a durable and long life time. The performance of peanut/sesame cooling machine is stable, practical, it is safe, easy to maintenance and easy to operation. Our this model of cooling machine has a novel and attractive model  as well as a simple structure, safe and reliable operation, smooth, no noise, and high efficiency, besides, compared with the other common cooling machine, our machine uses the auger screw conveyor push larger paste viscosity flow, cylinder external sandwich, on circulating cooling water, to make sure the best cooling effect. And the water can be circulating water in the pool or tap water.
5.Durable and long life time.