Gas Heating Continuous Belt Type Nuts Frying Machine

By:Katherine     Date:2019-04-23

It is used for frying nuts, beans, cashew, peanuts. The frying line include in feeding machine--frying machine--de-oiling machine--de-oiling output conveyor--flavoring machine--flouring output conveyor--packing machine.
nut frying machine
Advantage of the frying machine:
1.World-famous Brand Electronic Apparatus ensure the Excellent and Stable Performance.
2.Controller Box made of Stainless Steel or Sprayed-plastic(optional), Allows adjust Frying Time by Variable Conveying Speed as required, Alarm Oil Level.
3.Double Layer 304 Stainless Steel Belt, Preventing Products Floating, Ensure Complete and Perfect Frying Effect.
4.Scrapers fixed on the belt, Make the products come out easily.
5.Electric Belt and Upper Cover Lifting Setting, Make Cleaning more Easier and Save Human Power.

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