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Ice Cream Wafer Biscuit Making Machine

ice cream cone machineIce cream cone, also known as wafer cones,waffle cones, ice cones, ice cream wafer biscuit, egg tray, egg tray flat ice cream,is one of the main bloom cups, ice cream, egg tray is made using eggs can be used for human consumption, and therefore have to egg tray name.
Feacutes of Ice cream cone machine:
1, The capcity: 3500-8000pcs/h, can be customized.
2, The baking cycle: 1-2 minutes, the machine stable temperature can be reduced to less than one minute
3, The production cone type: Wafer
Ice cream cone as a whole is concerned are: flat and sharp bottom two categories, two kinds of crispy wafers and classified from the ingredients used in the main.
1. By the base and cover, with four columns to form a whole, the first two columns serve as guide posts, the base is the mounting reference die while carrying the entire weight of the machine, the cover is installed on the basis of mold, mold there is provided below the chute, it is conducive to the finished collection.
2. Mold: the upper mold, the lower mold and manipulate the rack consisting of
3. Electrical parts: electronic control unit mounted centrally below the rack drawer, loosen the screw can pull a whole
4. This machine ice cream machine equipment for the manufacture of containers containing ice cream or other greasy foods.
The first thought of using edible containers for ice cream was a young Italian-American immigrant to the Italo Marchionne (Italo Marchiony). He originally used to install the glass in the Wall Street sell ice-cream ice cream, because the price is a penny, was then dubbed "penny lick." Glass often break easily, and cleaning is not convenient, so Marchionne will use a paste made of waffle cup used to hold the shape of ice cream, this popular cup. Marchionne in September 1903 applied for a patent for the cone, and in the same year on December 13 to apply for a patent cone maker.
But another legend is that the ice cream cone by a man named Ernest · M · Hamu Wei (Ernest M. Hamwi) Syrians invention:
In 1904, the World Expo held in St. Louis Ernest stall selling a Middle Eastern sweet pancakes called Zalabia, close to Ernest pizza stalls, ice cream hawkers Arnold. Initially, Arnold ordinary candy ice cream cups and saucers for sale, but the day's guests more than expected, by noon, all the cups and plates has been exhausted, re-cleaning and preparation is clearly too late. Arnold upset with how to deal with the business of the afternoon when justified, Ernest own pizza roll into a cone and gave Arnold. Arnold rolled pancakes on the Middle East with their selling ice cream, so Zalabia suddenly turned into an ice cream cone. Surprisingly, the popularity of such an ice cream cone, ice cream, other vendors have followed suit.
Such an ice cream cone exhibits fashion with unlimited business opportunities. Since then, there have been claims that this is his own invention: Ernest who work Nick said he helped Ernest production Zalabia, this invention is in fact his ideas; to sell waffles living Abel he said it was the invention of the cone; David has sold ice cream is said to be his first sale of edible ice cream canister.
Today, at the home of Ernest Damascus, Syria, where it has been believed that the true home is the ice cream cone