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potato chips process flowchart
As a kind of worldwide popular snack, fried potato chips producing is certainly in large demand. A Jas enterprise offers several potato chips production lines which contains batch type potato chips line, semi automatic potato chips line and fully automatic potato chips lines.
As global food consumption of potato after rice. Crackers, salty potato chips are popular snack. Potato chips originated in New England, the United States, as a variant of French fries, it is not the chef's whim, but to vent their dissatisfaction. The summer of 1853, George (George Crum) in New York class resort Saratoga (Saratoga) as a cook. Where Mondsee hotel restaurant serves French fried potato strips, George usually in accordance with standard sized French. This food popular in France in the 17th century, when Thomas Jefferson was the US ambassador to France, he likes to eat French fries. So he took to the United States production methods, and to entertain guests at Monticello (Monticello) to French fries as a formal dinner dishes. Hotels in Moon Lake, a customer (some literature called millionaire Vanderbilt) found chef George fries too thick to do, he does not like, he refused to pay the bill. So George has done a number of little thin, but also not to his satisfaction. Enraged, George decided to lesson the guest, he made very thin fries are very brittle, so that the fork are plugged up. However, he did not achieve the intended purpose, the guests very much like the pale yellow, paper-thin potato slices. George also asked other guests for them to do this kind of potato chips. Since then, the menu appears on the Saratoga chips and become a specialty food. Soon these chips are packaged and sold, the beginning is local, then swept the entire New England region. George finally opened his own restaurant, features that potato chips. Then peel and slice potatoes rely on hand. In the twenties potato peeler invention makes chips into small-scale production of the largest selling snacks. After a few years, chips became the northeastern United States the main dinner dishes. Twenties of the last century, a south traveling salesman Ray Herman (Herman Lay) to help promote this kind of food. He took his suitcase in the southern United States grocery store selling, after they founded the company, and his name is almost synonymous with potato chips. Lay's potato chips is the first successful American brand marketing. Starting from the 1960s, the world became popular chips.