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Customized Ginger Processing Solution to Nigerian Customer

Nigeria is the third largest ginger exporter in the world, producing about 300,000 tons of ginger every year. Ginger cultivation is the main source of income for many Nigerians. For a long time, due to the backward processing technology and unable to add added value to the product, the Nigerian ginger industry is vulnerable to the impact of price fluctuations in the international market.
Improve the level of mechanization and improve the quality of ginger
Nigeria GA Company operates a large-scale ginger processing plant locally. Over the years, it has provided employment opportunities for young people, increased the income of ginger growers, and also increased the company's export trade income. Although ginger is mainly produced by traditional methods, GA companies are increasingly aware of the need to adopt more mechanized production systems to maintain the quality standards of ginger in the international market.
ginger processing machine
Ginger cleaning equipment, open the door to cooperation
Ginger cleaning is a key step in the deep processing process. The traditional cleaning method used by GA for a long time requires a lot of labor and water resources, and the cleaning effect is often unsatisfactory. After deciding to upgrade to mechanization, GA company selected GELGOOG through multiple comparisons based on the measurement standards of cleaning efficiency, cleaning effect, water saving and energy saving. In order to improve the scientificity of decision-making, GA company specially commissioned a Chinese agent to visit gelgoog and its R&D factory to experience the strength of gelgoog and the actual effect of processing equipment. GA company confirmed the intention to customize the ginger cleaning equipment on the spot.
The application of the ginger cleaning equipment tailored, developed and produced by GELGOOG in GA has made it feel a good experience of professional equipment and full-process services. GA company has successively cooperated with GELGOOG on ginger processing production line solutions such as ginger picking, cutting, juicing, and packaging.
"Gelgoog's equipment is of very good quality, service is excellent, and it is always customizable to the ideal equipment for our needs."
   ——Nigerian GA Company
GELGOOG will continue to carry out deep processing of ginger with GA company, improve the quality standards of series products, and help GA company to promote the ginger industry to the global market.