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GELGOOG Becomes A Member of the Pre-made Dishes Professional Committee

Recently, at the Henan Province Prefabricated Vegetable Industry Development Promotion Conference, the list of members of the Henan Province Prefabricated Vegetable Professional Committee was announced, and GELGOOG became the first member.
It is reported that the first batch of members of the Prefabricated Vegetables Professional Committee of the Henan Provincial Food Industry Association include Shuanghui, Sanquan, Sinian, Qianwei Yangchu and other industries such as scientific research, production, circulation, warehousing, cold chain logistics, e-commerce, industrial parks and other industries in Henan prefabricated food industry. 86 units including upstream and downstream enterprises, universities and scientific research service institutions in the chain.
With the upgrading of consumption, the accelerated pace of life, and the continuous maturity of technical applications and facilities such as quick-freezing and fresh-keeping, cold-chain logistics, and information networks, the pre-prepared vegetable industry has entered the fast lane and has developed rapidly, opening up a trillion-dollar food industry.”
By focusing on strengthening its own advantages, GELGOOG enjoys a high level of expert brand recognition in the food industry. With the enlargement of the prefabricated vegetable market, it is bound to enjoy the dividends of industrial growth.
Always adhere to scientific research and innovation
GELGOOG adheres to technological innovation, establishes R&D and production bases, and continues to increase investment in the research and development of prefabricated vegetable processing technology. Equipment automation and digitalization process.
gelgoog vegetable processing machine
Provides customized whole process solutions
GELGOOG responded quickly, seized the development opportunity of "pre-prepared vegetables", and actively integrated the whole-process solutions for pre-prepared vegetables such as cleaning and pre-processing, quick-freezing, thawing, frying, cleaning, sterilization, and packaging. Based on the modular design, various application modules can be added or removed according to the application scenarios and actual conditions of prefabricated vegetable processing enterprises, helping customers gain more competitive advantages in automated production, food safety, etc.
gelgoog food machine
Professional services to create value for customers
GELGOOG has a professional team of engineers who deeply understand customer needs, attach importance to reducing customer costs, improve customer production efficiency, pay attention to food safety and occupational health, and help customers create greater value.
gelgoog food processing solution
GELGOOG will take this conference as an opportunity to actively provide competitive full-process solutions, safe and reliable products and professional services for the development of the pre-prepared food industry and the construction of a more complete food industry ecology, and to promote the pre-prepared food industry. Make unremitting efforts for safe, healthy and high-quality development.