Industrial French Fries Fryer Machines

By:Sarah     Date:2016-12-14

industrial dryer machinefrench fryer machine
Industrial French Fries Fryer Machine is with gas and electric heating type. This machine is multi-purpose for processing french fries, potato chips, beans, nuts, namkeen, chin chin, peanut, peas, meat, plantain chips, pork rinds, etc

Model Heating Type Rated Power Capacity Overall Dimension Voltage Fry Fame Size Should the Oil
GG-1000 Electric 36kw 100-150kg/hour 1300*1400*1800mm 380v Ф1000mm 200L
GG-1200 Electric 48kw 150-200kg/hour 1400*1400*1100mm 380v Ф1200mm 350L
GG-1500 Electric 60kw 200-300kg/hour 1700*1700*1100mm 380v Ф1500mm 500L

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