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Equipments For French Fries Business - So Easy to Make French Fries

The advantages of GELGOOG Automatic French Fries Production Line are Low investment, low energy consumption, multi-functional, small size, high profit and easy maintenance. The complete french fries line includes: Elevator,washing and peeling machine,sorting conveyor,fries cutter,blanching machine,de-watering machine,frying machine,de-oiling machine,drying machine,packaging machine.
1 Raw Materials: selection of fresh potatoes with high dry matter content, requires pure varieties, shallow buds, rules of shape, no mold rot, no germination and pests and other phenomena, diameter 50 ~ 70mm.
2. Cleaning is to reduce impurity pollution, reduce microbial contamination and pesticide residues in important measures. And according to the diameter of different sizes, select the size of the relatively consistent.
3. Peeling: The potatoes in 10% sodium hydroxide solution was heated 100 ℃ -120 ℃, soften the potato skin, the use of mechanical friction peeled way, a feeding 30 ~ 40kg, peeled time according to the fresh raw materials Level, generally 3 ~ 8min. Peeled potatoes are required to have a smooth outer surface and clean appearance. Peeled time should not be too long to avoid excessive peel, increasing the rate of material loss. This can ensure the shape of the potato, but also save water, reduce product losses, resulting in concentrated skin "paste" easy to handle.
4. Fries Cutter: in turn the raw material into the cutting machine, feeding speed should be uniform, cut the thickness of 5 × 5 square bar.
5. Rinsing and blanching machine: After cutting the potato chips to be immersed in water rinse, so as not to expose the fries in the air oxidation and browning, while washing away the free starch on the surface of fries, starch into the oil to prevent the impact of frying oil life.
6. Dehydration Drying: color after the French fries with a centrifuge to quickly remove surface water, the fries into the oven for drying, the purpose is to reduce the water content of French fries, so as not to increase the frying time, increase the finished oil rate.
7. Frying: The blanched potato fries should be evenly into the fryer, oil temperature control in the 175 ~ 200 ℃, the material must be within 3min through the fryer. Deep-fried oil and more use of palm oil, compared with other edible oil, it has good stability, long service life, shortening and good performance characteristics, especially suitable for frying oil.
8. De-oil: fried potato chips, after vibration de-oiling machine can speed up the fried sticky fries after the loose, and remove the surface of the oil, can extend the product shelf life.
9. Cooling: after deoiling the flavor of french fries after cooling to room temperature before packaging.
10, Weighing Packaging: The finished french fries should be quantitative packaged, net content error <± 10%. To extend life, it usually use aluminum-plastic composite bag vacuum nitrogen filling.