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GELGOOG® Automatic Frozen French Fries Processing Line

GELGOOG Food processing machinery is devoted to manufacutering frozen french fries processing line. The total set of frozen french fries making machine has been sold to more than 50 countries like Egypt, Sudan, Jordan, Romania, Nigeria, Somalia, Uganda, Mozambique, Canada, UK, United States, France, Argentina, Columbia and Chile. 
frozen french fries production line
The main process of making frozen french fries:
1. Potato cleaning and peeling → Cutting(slicing or cutting into finger chips)→ Blanching   → Dewatering → Frying → Deoiling → Flavoring or Seasoning  →  Packaging.
The equipment can be adjusted to produce fried frozen fries.
2, French fries or potato chips processing equipment for high-quality 304 stainless steel production, high output, provincial labor, equipment on-site installation and commissioning, equipment, life-long maintenance.
3. Chips processing equipment for the automatic equipment, skilled, save a lot of operating time.
GELGOOG Company das been implementing the "root for the quality, integrity-based, sincere service, scientific and technological innovation" concept, product users throughout the country. GELGOOG is engaged to meeting the needs of users for the highest purpose, to the principle of quality first, timely, efficient and thoughtful after-sales service system so that users worry-free.
automatic frozen french fries making machine
The detailed introduction of automatic frozen french fries machines which used in the total production line:
1, Potato Washing Peeling Machine: the use of brush-type washing peeling machine, which can be completed cleaning, peeled work. High efficiency, low loss.
2, Potato Fry Cutting (piece): cut the size of 6mm-10mm adjustable.
3, Blanching machine: the cut french fries (film) for rinsing, color protection.
4, De-watering: the use of centrifugal dehydration. Dehydration before frying can greatly shorten the frying time and improve the taste of french fries.
5, Potato Chips Frying: the proportion of water and oil, water in the bottom, the oil in the upper layer of fried potato chips fried, the resulting precipitate directly in the water, the oil does not smoke, greatly extending the oil life cycle, the cost dramatically drop. Oil temperature control precision, thus ensuring the quality and taste of potato chips. After work, the water will be released, the residue will flow out along with the water.
6, De-oiling machine: vibration de-oiling machine, just fried french fries (films) for oil, to overcome the fries (films) high oil content, greasy mouth defects. Improve the taste of French fries.
7, Seasoning machine: de-oiled french fries (tablets) for seasoning spices, simple and practical structure, in a relatively short period of time to be processed food materials and required seasoning powder mixed evenly, automatic discharge, clean up Disinfection convenient no dead ends.