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French Fries Machine in Egypt

french fries machine in Egypt
Machine: French Fries Machine
Quantity: 1 set of production line
Certificate: CE
Customer Origin: Egypt

We have signed contract with customer from Egypt on August.15th,2016 for our french fries production line. We have equipped several machines according to customer's requirement.
Here are the machines customer need:
1 Brush Type Potato Washing Peeling Machine
2 Pototo Fries Cutting Machine
3 Fulling and scalding machine screen conveyer machine with 4 buckets
4 Continuous Frying Machine
5 De-watering and De-oiling Machine
6 Flavoring Machine
With output 200kg per hour potato french fries,the total set of machines is definately cost-effective. Thanks for our customers and we are now busy with preparing the machines and arrange the shipping.