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Industrial Scale Fish Smoking Oven

fish smoking ovenfish smoking oven
The characteristics of Industrial Scale Fish Smoking Oven:
1. Smoking Oven is with specially designed structure,with gray disk desigh. The fire grate is protected by slag. The conventional gas furnace brazing tie fire detection layer level approach is not available. The newly designed smoking oven is with reciprocating type grate type deslagging method, with the advantage of good permeability.
2. Industrial Scale Fish Smoking Oven is with high security, the use of large cross-section of the water-sealed explosion-proof tank, equipped with intelligent automation controller can automatically control the water level, auto-sensing alarm.
3. Fish smoking oven is with simple operatione, feeding, deslagging, blast centralized control circuit. Single person can operate it smoothly. And the smoking oven using direct combustion technology, along with changes in furnace temperature, gas production can be varied automatically. Automatic shutdown and stop. Restart simple, complex hesitate to empty the pipeline operations.
4. The new industrial fish smoke oven has been canceled fire detection hole steam seal structure, without water jacket to produce high pressure steam, the furnace water jacket becomes atmospheric pressure. Blower can open at any time to stop, the furnace temperature can be automatically controlled.