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Video Of Peanut Dryer and Roaster Machine

Advantages of the roaster machine:
1.Roasting time can set up according to client need or material. When time is on, machine will warn. 
2.Heating effect is uniform. Machine is constantly rotated. Back and forth, up and down, all heating well from different direction. 
3.It can large increase roasting material oil squeezing rate. Usually equipped with oil press machine. 
4.Roasting time is short. Each time it needs about 20minutes. Of course, different situation, roasting time will be a little different. For example, if you won't need the soybean skin crack, then 20 minutes is ok, if you will need the skin crack completely, then need about 40min one time.
5.Reasonable structure, low energy consumption, high efficiency, safety.
6.Low investment costs. Machine price is low, and have many models from small to large, customers can choose according to their needs.