GELGOOG® Commercial Food Smoker

By:Sarah     Date:2020-07-01

★ GELGOOG brand Commercial Food Smoker is mainly consisted of the furnace, the heating system, air circulation system, and electric control system components.
food smoker machine
  1, Furnace: The internal structure and the outer are all made of stainless steel, corrosion-resistant. The article hanging on the trailer, into the furnace body, shut the door, you can press to set the cooking process parameters, such as processing.
  2, Cooking parts: the furnace interior design automatically generated steam system for direct heating furnace products. Steam production can be adjusted depending on the product. Cabinets pressure must not exceed 0.08Mpa.
  3, Circulating air system: top smoked furnace is equipped with two-speed electric fan, and the amount of wind power to heat up the furnace to ensure that uniform temperature throughout, ensure stable and reliable quality products.
  4, Fuming system: the upper part of sawdust box by the reducer drive stirring mechanism, sawdust periodically sent to the lower fuming hob electric heater by the smoke switch button control, sawdust electric control box on the heat slowly burning smoke is sucked into the fan to host smoked cooked food.
★ Performance of GELGOOG commercial food smoker:
  Good quality products and coloring effects. Stable product performance.
In line with Chinese characteristics of the food processing industry. May be suitable for use in laboratory and large and small meat processing plants, is the ideal energy saving products.
★ Features of commercial food smoker from GELGOOG:
Pilot steam valve controlling the steam flow, precise temperature control, reliable operation, the temperature of the entire cabinet temperature is less than 1 ℃.
Blade of 3000 rev / min balancing check, the maximum wind speed up to 25 m / s, effectively guarantee the product during the baking process from top to bottom, left and right temperature uniformity.
Aerosol generating device uses wood pellets smoke generator, fuming stable, color fast, and into the box in the smoke are clean.
Equipped with high-pressure pipeline pump for cleaning the coil and pipe smoke in the dirt, equipped with a nozzle at various angles coil and flue.
★ Advantages of Commercial Food Smoker:
Smoked furnace is our main food machinery, the use of advanced design concepts, excellent production technology, quality assurance, but also has cooked, dried, smoked, baked, and other functions, level of technology to stay ahead in the same industry.
1.Our smoky furnace using 304 stainless steel double-layer structure, thick sandwich filled with insulation materials, good insulation effect.
2.Good sealing effect, the key is not sealed tight internal structure is tight, most of the factories are manual welding and manual welding but certainly not so precise, all will be unsealed, the sausages are Zhucheng Shun smoked furnace, and are based on internal bending precision casting, leaving a little gap, so that a good sealing effect.
3. With a double stainless steel sink, so that rapid heating furnace, fuming advanced device fabrication process so that fuming fast and stable, reasonable inside the main loop style design makes even blast furnace body temperature uniformity, smoke on to the next, allowing for color fast, smoked a product of uniform color.

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