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What Machines Needed to Make Sweet Potato Chips? Sweet Potato Chips Production Process

sweet potato chips line
Sweet potato is an important staple food crop in Africa and particularly in Nigeria, which is the third largest sweet potato producer after China and Uganda in terms of quantity. Sweet potato chips is crispy,tasty and with high nutrition value. What machines needed to make sweet potato chips? What Machines Needed to Make Sweet Potato Chips? The complete sweet potato chips production line includes sweet potato washing machine,cutting machine,blanching machine,de-watering machine,frying machine,deoiling machine,flavoring machine,packing machine,etc. This line can also be used to make potato chips.
The first stage before processing potato chips is washing, peeling the raw potatoes/sweet potatoes and then cutting them into slices.
Next is the processing stage, it includes potato chips blanching, dewatering, frying and de-oiling. After these steps, the potato chips will be easier to store up and taste better.
Flavouring and packaging: Flavouring and packaging is the last stage, you can season the potato chips with different flavours, and packaged them into bags automatically.
The Nutritional Value of Sweet Potato Chips:
Vitamin A deficiency is a particular problem for children under five and for pregnant and lactating women. It can result in blindness for pregnant women and children and even death. Infants, young children and adults are usually encouraged to consume more orange-fleshed sweet potatoes, as they contains Vitamin A with higher beta-carotene content, when compared with the commonly cultivated white-fleshed varieties.
Sweet potato chips are made from fresh sweet potatoes, with high nutritious value. There are two kinds of sweet potato chips, baked potato chips and fried potato chips.
GELGOOG offer sweet potato chips production line with capacity range from 100-500kg/h, also can be customized as customer's requirement.
This sweet potato chips production line is multi-purpose for processing sweet potato chips, potato chips, cassava chips, and plantain chips.