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Chickpeas Frying Line Sold to Uzbekistan

chickpeas frying line
Customer from Uzbekistan ordered one set of chickpeas frying line from GELGOOG Company: One unit of chickpea frying machine and one unit of drum flavouring machine and conveyors. Cusomter owns a factory for processing chickpeas for over 5 years, and he plans to expand the capacity. Customer requries capacity 200kg/h.
This set of automatic chickpeas frying line can be used to process peanut, broad beans, green peas, namkeen, snack chips, cashew nuts, etc.
The chickpeas frying machine is multi-purpose for frying peanut, green pea, broad beans, etc, with both gas and electric heating type. It is made of stainless steel material, automatic water and oil temperature control system improves the  quality of fried products. It is designed not only for frying pork skins, but also suitable for frying all kinds of beans, nuts, meat, and snacks, such as broad bean, cashew nuts, peanuts, french fries, potato chips and puffed food, pellet chips, onion rings, meatball, chciken nuggets, etc. Capacity range from 100-600kg/h.
The drum flavoring machine materials will be in the rollers automatically through elevator.Seasoning spray nozzle can adjust the oil amount, spraying equally. Energy Saving. All motors in the machines adopt Chinese famous brand. What's more, we could change it according to your requirements if you need. Drum flavouring machine can be used for all kinds of extruded snacks, puffed snack, fried snack, fried nuts, pet food, fish feed and fried snacks in seasoning and coating oil and sugar.

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