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Chicken Paw Processing Line

chicken paw processing lineThe complete chicken paw or chicken feet processing line includes chicken feet blanching machine, chicken feet (paw )peeling machine, cutting machine, cooling machine, vacuum packing machine etc, with capacity range from 100-500kg/h.

Chicken Paw Peeling Machine is for blanching chicken feet after the yellow peeling, peeled completely, clean, no damage, the machine easy to operate, high output, made of stainless steel, cleanly peeling chicken feet and chicken nails, without damage.
Chicken Feet Blanching Machine:
The machine adopts high quality SUS201, 304 stainless steel, temperature and speed can be set according to technological requirements, automatic control of temperature and operation. The machine runs smoothly, the strength of stainless steel mesh belt is high, the flexibility is small, it is not easy to be deformed, it is easy to maintain and so on. It is easy to operate and maintain. The labor intensity is low, the manpower is little, the degree of automatic control is high, On the lower water temperature difference is small, easy to control product quality, food processing industry is the ideal equipment.
Need to peeling the chicken feet into the blanching machine, softened by heating the chicken feet of the yellow skin, so that in the process of a peeled better, complete removal of the chicken claw yellow, do not damage chicken feet. Through the transport can be automated operation, save labor, increase production.
Chicken Paw Thawing Machine:
Chicken claw processing -18 degrees of frozen chicken feet, thawing a long time, slower, the pace can not keep up with production needs, in particular the introduction of the chicken jaw thaw series. Frozen chicken feet into the water to fill the thawing pool, with water bubbles will be churning, so as to achieve the purpose of rapid thawing machine. The thawing pool is equipped with a thermostatic pool, the water from the thermostat into the thawing machine, with the thawing of frozen goods, conveyor belt products to the discharge direction of the material, thawing pool water temperature slowly decreased to the material this time, water And then from the thawing pool into the constant temperature pool, water can be recycled, saving environmental protection, affordable.