Pre-processing Pre-processing


The pre-treatment processing solution we create includes steps such as
cleaning, peeling, slicing, and packaging to ensure quality and safety.

High Speed Garlic Peeling Processing Machine Manufacturer

High Speed Garlic Peeling Processing Machine Manufacturer

The structure of the garlic peeling machine is mainly composed of a conveyor chain, peeling area, compressed air system, etc. The conveyor chain transports the garlic evenly to the peeling area. The peeling area is composed of multiple air nozzles, and the garlic skin is blown away by compressed air.

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Potato Finger Chips Cutter Machine French Fries Cutting Equipment

Potato Finger Chips Cutter Machine French Fries Cutting Equipment

The cutting part is the core component of the industrial French fries cutting machine and consists of a cutterhead and a cutter holder. The cutter head is a rotating part, and the cutter holder is fixed on the frame. The blades on the cutterhead are configured according to the desired fries shape. The blades are made of stainless steel and are very sharp, cutting the chips very quickly and in good shape.

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Cake Filler

Cake Filling Machine

Cake filling machine is divided into piston type and roller type according to the filling method.

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Radish Carrot Washing Machine Industrial Use

Put carrots and other vegetables into the drum, the drum of the radish carrot washing machine starts to rotate, the brush roller cleans the vegetables, and the water in the water tank is sprayed into the drum to wash away the sediment and dirt on the surface of the carrots.

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Dates Washing Cleaning Machine Manufacturer

The dates are input into the dates washing machine through the conveyor. The flat roller brush cleans the dates to remove dust, soil and other impurities on the surface of the dates. The spray water pipes rinse the dates to remove pesticide residues and dirt on the surface of the dates.

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Industrial Salad Leaves Washing Machine 500kg/h

The vegetables enter the cleaning tank from the feed port, and the high-pressure water pump injects water into the cleaning tank to form a strong water flow. The water flow forms a vortex in the cleaning tank, bringing the vegetables into it. The vegetables are constantly flipped in the vortex and come into full contact with the water flow, thereby removing dirt, impurities and pesticide residues.

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juice making machine

Ginger Juicer Making Machine

Ginger juice extraction machine is mainly consist of the crushing equipment in the feed hopper, front supporting base, screw, filter screen, juice device, back base, slag spout and so on, which can be used to process apple, pineapple, ginger, berries, etc

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fruit pulp machine

Industrial Fruit Mango Juice Extraction Machine

Mango fruit juice making machine is a kind of vertical beater, compared with the traditional horizontal pulper, sieve plate utilization rate improces 50%, 50% higher efficiency, is a kind of new beater. It is currently the most practical equipment in the industry.The fruit pulp processing plant can be used for making all kinds of fruit juice.

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Business Use Potato Washing Peeling Machine

The potato washing peeling machine uses the brush friction principle to place the potatoes on several rolling brush rollers. In the U-shaped hopper, the potatoes are in contact with the rotating brush rollers to generate surface friction. Clean water is sprayed from the spray water pipe. Rinse the potatoes to achieve the purpose of washing them.

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Industrial Bubble Fruit Washing Machine Supplier

Put the fruit into the cleaning tank, and then press the water into the tank through a high-pressure water pump, forming a powerful water flow to attack the dirt and impurities on the surface of the fruit. At the same time, fruit washing machine will also produce a large number of bubbles in the sink. The bubbles and water flow work together to clean the fruit more thoroughly.

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Bubble Vegetable Washing Machine Suplier

Imitating the manual cleaning method, the high-pressure air pump generates gas to cause the fruits and vegetables to perform a strong turning motion in the vegetable washing machine. Under the action of high-pressure water flow and strong bubbles, the impurities attached to the surface of the fruits and vegetables are effectively separated and cleaned.

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