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In large-scale industrial processing, machine material transfer at various stages is inevitable. Effective and high-quality transfer improves processing efficiency.


Adjustable Mesh Belt Conveyor Machine

Mesh belt conveyor is a material handling machinery that continuously transports materials on a certain line. It is also called a continuous conveyor and can be divided into mesh belt type and mesh chain type. The conveyor can carry out horizontal, inclined and vertical conveying, and can also form a spatial conveying line. The conveying line is generally fixed. The conveyor has a large transportation capacity, a long transportation distance, and can also complete several process operations at the same time during the transportation process, so it is widely used.

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food grade conveyor belts

Factory Use Food Grade Conveyor Belts

Food grade conveyor belts are suitable for all food production and processing. The inclination angle of the chain plate conveyor can be adjusted, which is suitable for your various production and processing. It runs smoothly and reliably. During the transportation process, it can be used for various processes such as classification, drying, cooling or assembly;

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