Business Use Potato Washing Peeling Machine

The potato washing peeling machine uses the brush friction principle to place the potatoes on several rolling brush rollers. In the U-shaped hopper, the potatoes are in contact with the rotating brush rollers to generate surface friction. Clean water is sprayed from the spray water pipe. Rinse the potatoes to achieve the purpose of washing them.

Simple and efficient potato washing machine is a must-have for root vegetables

The brush friction principle can effectively remove soil, impurities and bacteria on the potato surface. It adopts a unique design to realize the quick-release function, which is simple to operate and maintain. The potato washing peeling machine is widely used in catering, food processing, hotels and other industries.

Ideal applications:

  • Root Vegetables
  • Round Fruit
  • Seafood

Simple and efficient potato washing machine is a must-have for root vegetables

Product Highlights


Good washing effect


save resources


Easy to operate


Quick disassembly design
simple maintenance


Output can be customized


Wide range of applications

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