French Fries French Fries

Automatic Frozen French Fries Production Line

Applicable to customers with food production experience, supply to medium/large supermarket chains, and expansion of small-scale customers

Applications and commodities

The fully automatic frozen French fries production line applies to different types of quick-frozen French fries production lines. It has the advantage of Fully automatic production, centralized control, reduced labor and operation and maintenance costs, and uniform cutting and frying, with excellent product quality and taste;

Production: Potato Grading-Washing-Peeling-Cutting-Blanching-Frying-Quick Freezing-Packaging

Our advantage


Precise Frying Temperature And Time Control, So You Can Get The Finished Product With Consistent Color And Best Taste


Low Oil Volume And Faster Cycle Time, With Frying Oil Filtration System, To Ensure Oil Quality And Longer Service Life


The Food Contact Metal Parts Of The Whole Line Equipment Are Made Of 304 Stainless Steel To Ensure Food Safety And Hygiene Requirements


Professional Hygienic Design Without Dead Ends, With Cip Cleaning System, The Equipment Is More Convenient To Use


Perfect Structural Design, Stable And Reliable Equipment Operation, So You Can Get The Best Return On Investment


Rich Experience In Project Delivery, Providing Turnkey Project Service For On-Site Installation

Automatic Frozen French Fries Production Line

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