Cold processing Cold processing

Cold processing

The cold process solution we create includes steps such as
quick freezing equipment, cooling belts, etc.


Industrial Frozen Avocado Processing Machinery

Industrial avocado frozen machine is a product line for large-scale production of frozen avocados, which are then frozen at temperatures below minus 18 degrees Celsius to maintain freshness.

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Spring Roll Freezing Machine

Spring Roll Freezing Machine

Spring roll freezing machine is a device used to quickly freeze spring rolls. It adopts air convection quick freezing method. The spring rolls are placed on the conveyor belt, and the low-temperature cold air is blown to the spring rolls through the fan, so that they can reach the freezing temperature below -18°C in a short time.

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Nuts Butter Cooling Machine

Nuts Butter Cooling Machine

The nuts butter cooling machine is specially used to cool higher-temperature sauces to quickly cool them down. It is mainly used for viscous sauces such as sesame sauce and peanut butter. Prevent long-term high temperature from changing the color components of the sauce and affecting its appearance and taste.

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Frozen Sweet Corn IQF Processing Machine Plant

IQF freezing technology is one of the most advanced freezing technologies at present. It can make corn reach temperatures below minus 18°C in a very short period of time (usually a few seconds), thereby effectively preventing the loss of nutrients and quality degradation of corn.

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freezing machine

Strawberry Quick Freezing Equipment

IQF processing line for frozen strawberry is mostly used for different fruit freezing, fruits & vegetables freezing, meat freezing, seafood freezing and prepared food freezing.

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