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Dates Washing And Grading Packaging Solution

There are many ways to eat dates. They can be eaten directly or used to make desserts, drinks, etc. The date processing solution we developed can clean, dry, core, grade, chop, and package dates. Suitable for processing many types of dates.

Applications and commodities

The dates washing drying packaging processing line is a complete dates processing lines from picking to processing the dates into finished products. This dates washing and drying line consists of dates washing, drying and packing processes. Focuses on solving the pain points of the date industry. It adopts advanced dates washing and grading technology; it is efficient, customizable, easy to operate and clean.

Our advantage


Good cleaning effect, clean and hygienic


Fast drying speed and improved production efficiency


Accurate grading and improved quality


High degree of automation, reducing labor costs


Customized packaging method


Simple operation and convenient maintenance

Efficient in every step of production

Dates Washing And Grading Packaging Solution

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