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Clean Vegetable Processing Solution

Our vegetable processing line solutions produce supermarket fresh vegetables and salads. Including cleaning, cutting,packaging and other systems, which can be customized.The automation level is high, and we provide on-site installation "turnkey project" service.

Applications and commodities

This clean vegetable processing line solution is based on GELGOOG's years of technology accumulation, research and development, and upgrading. Fresh vegetables can be kept fresh after a series of processes such as sorting, selecting, cutting, cleaning, drying, and packaging. The processed vegetables are fresh, convenient, nutritious and pollution-free, and have developed rapidly in domestic and foreign markets. The application range of fresh cut vegetable washing line is very wide, including catering industry, food processing enterprises, bulk goods supply chain, etc.

After the materials are placed on the picking conveyor belt, they go through a series of operations such as picking, cutting, lifting and conveying, primary cleaning, secondary cleaning, reversing conveying, centrifugal dehydration, and packaging to complete the process from raw materials to packaged finished products. In the cleaning environment, you can choose to install an ozone unit, a chiller, etc. for sterilization and preservation. In the packaging process, you can choose nitrogen flushing packaging to meet the needs of different customers. Centrifugal dehydration can also be replaced with a continuous dehydrator to reduce manual operations. This vegetable production line has a rich configuration and can be reasonably matched according to the different needs of customers.

Our advantage


The whole line is made
of 304 stainless steel


Can be controlled by PLC,
with a high level of automation.


The equipment runs stably and reliably.


Professional overall solution
suitable for clean vegetables.


Quick disassembly structure design,
easy to clean and maintain.


Project delivery experience all over the world,

Efficient in every step of production

Clean Vegetable Processing Solution

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