ginger powder processing line Ginger Powder

Automatic Ginger Powder Processing Solution

Ginger powder is a fine powder ground from the rhizome of ginger, usually in the form of a yellow or white powder. Has a very broad market

Applications and commodities

The complete ginger processing line includes brush type ginger washing machine, blanching machine, ginger slicing machine, conveyor belt, ginger drying oven, and multi-functional powder grinder machine. Ginger powder processing line made by GELGOOG Machinery can be used to process ginger, turmeric, etc, capacity range from 100kg to 2000kg one day (can be customized.) GELGOOG also other ginger processing solutions like Ginger juice processing line,ginger chips prodution line,dried ginger production line...

Our advantage


Use automated production technology to improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.


High-precision machining capabilities enable precise control of the production process


The production process is automatically completed, saving human resources.


The production process is safe and the closed production process is adopted to ensure the safety of the production process.


Efficiency, accuracy, safety, environmental protection and other advantages


Customized solutions suitable for various scenarios

Efficient in every step of production

Automatic Ginger Powder Processing Solution

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