Industrial Salad Leaves Washing Machine 500kg/h

The vegetables enter the cleaning tank from the feed port, and the high-pressure water pump injects water into the cleaning tank to form a strong water flow. The water flow forms a vortex in the cleaning tank, bringing the vegetables into it. The vegetables are constantly flipped in the vortex and come into full contact with the water flow, thereby removing dirt, impurities and pesticide residues.

The vortex Salad washing machine is an effective equipment for cleaning vegetables

The Salad leaves washing machine  has the advantages of reasonable design, good cleaning effect, flexible cleaning without damaging the materials. It is an indispensable equipment for fruit and vegetable cleaning. Industrial salad cleaning machine vegetable cutting and washing machine is suitable for cleaning leafy vegetables and stem vegetables.

Ideal applications:

  • Central Kitchen
  • Vegetable Distribution Center
  • Farm
  • School

The vortex Salad washing machine is an effective equipment for cleaning vegetables

Product Highlights


Reasonable structure, easy to
clean and no dead ends


Cleaning speed is fast and
can be produced in large quantities


Simple operation and easy maintenance


Save water


Health and Safety


Output can be customized

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