Banana Chips Banana Chips

Automatic Banana Plantain Chips Production Line

We specialize in developing custom banana chip processing solutions that produce crispy and delicious banana chips. Designed to help processors succeed in their banana chip business.

Applications and commodities

Automatic banana plantain chips production line is with low investment, low energy consumption, multiple function, high profitis, made of 304 stainless steel, is a good machine for making plantain chips, banana chips etc. The full set of banana chips production line is absorbing the essence of similar products, retain the advantages of large equipment for enrichment, and design and develop this plant based on the user feedback information all over the country.

Our advantage


High degree of automation and significantly improved efficiency


The finished banana chips have uniform thickness and high yield rate


Consistent taste and not easy to change color


Nutrition is well retained


Energy saving and environmental protection


Can be customized according to product and other needs

Automatic Banana Plantain Chips Production Line

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