Ultra High Temperature Sterilizing Machine

Ultra High Temperature Sterilizing Machine

Ultra High Temperature Sterilizing Machine

This sterilizing machine is specially used for sterilizing high-viscosity materials such as concentrated fruit and vegetable juice, tomato paste, jam, syrup, etc. It can perform high-temperature instant sterilization on materials, and perform rapid sterilization in a very short time to ensure that the nutrients of the materials are not damaged or lost, and the color of the product does not change.

Ultra High Temperature Sterilizing Machine

The main body of the tomato sauce sterilizing machine is divided into heat recovery section for hot and cold materials, preheating section, sterilization and temperature maintaining section, and cooling section. The entire sterilization process is fully automatically controlled, and the human-machine interface can flexibly set the sterilization temperature. During the production process, the temperature difference between the upper and lower sterilization temperatures does not exceed 0.5°C. Equipped with a pressure multi-function tank, it is used to buffer materials and material backflow during production. It can be used as a CIP cleaning tank after production.

Ideal Applications

  • Concentrated fruit and vegetable juice
  • Tomato sauce
  • Jam
  • Syrup

Ultra High Temperature Sterilizing Machine

Product Highlights


Small temperature difference between heating medium and material


Reliable sterilization temperature control


Comes with cleaning system


High degree of automation


Strong system security


High system reliability

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