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Project manager

3-6 years



Job Description

1. responsible for the company's plan management process and system improvement and implementation monitoring.

2. Responsible for formulating annual/quarterly overall production plan according to the company's business objectives and submitting it for approval, coordinating the dynamic balance of order supply and production capacity.

3. according to the production plan and capacity matching feedback order delivery cycle.

4. Assign specific production tasks to the production department according to the main production scheduling plan and orders, and follow up the implementation of the plan to ensure on-time delivery.

5. Responsible for the work follow-up and coordination of various departments and posts during the implementation of production plan.

6. responsible for weekly and monthly production data statistics, summary and analysis, continuous improvement of production plans, improve on-time delivery rate and production efficiency.

Join us, you will enjoy

1. Excellent platform: Young team, bursting with imagination and creativity; Learning organizational atmosphere, sharing heritage culture, continuous experience and growth;

2. Comprehensive guarantee: Paid leave, payment of five insurances, pregnancy care (radiation protective clothing, mother and baby room, maternity rest rollaway bed);

3. Benefits: Enjoy festival benefits (New Year benefits, Mid-Autumn Festival benefits, Dragon Boat Festival benefits, Goddess Festival benefits, etc.), birthday parties (birthday parties and birthday gifts), birth gifts condolences, regular medical check-ups, coffee supply, 5th and 10th anniversary rings and other benefits;

4. Expansion activities: departmental quarterly group building activities, holiday parties, staff family visit days and field development;

5. training and improvement: provide a variety of paid training (including pre-job training, special training, management ability training, etc.);

6. accommodation: provide lunch; Accommodation is available outside Zhongmu on request;

7. development channel: job promotion mechanism (management and professional dual channels).

Overseas Sales Manager/Customer Manager

5 years

Operation department

Zhengzhou, Guangzhou, Shanghai

Job Responsibilities:

1. Conduct research and analysis of the assigned regional market, organize the development of marketing strategies for the region, and implement sales goals, market objectives, and specific action plans.

2. In accordance with the company's overseas business management policies and based on the actual market conditions, establish and maintain sales channel relationships, develop potential customers, and seek new business opportunities.

3. Responsible for forming and managing the marketing team, improving the overall quality and execution of the team through effective team management.

4. Responsible for formulating and monitoring the sales budget for the region, allocating resources reasonably, and ensuring a balance between input and output of sales activities.

5. Plan marketing activities in the region, promote the core values and advantages of the company and its products, and enhance the company's industry position and brand image.

6. Responsible for communication and coordination between product lines, and participation in the operation and resource coordination of key customers/projects.


1. Bachelor's degree or higher; majors related to engineering, food science and engineering, grain engineering, agricultural machinery engineering, etc., are preferred.

2. Proficiency in at least one foreign language, such as English, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, in terms of spoken language.

3. More than 5 years of experience in overseas market expansion and customer development management, with a preference for experience in industrial foreign trade.

4. Familiar with foreign trade-related processes, with skills in business negotiations and large customer management.

5. Strong resource coordination and interpersonal skills, a sense of responsibility, and goal orientation. Strong learning ability and self-motivation.

6. Strong execution capability, ability to handle pressure, and willingness to undertake medium to long-term overseas trips.

Join us, and you will enjoy:

1. Excellent platform: a young team with creativity and imagination; a learning-oriented organizational culture, a culture of sharing and learning for continuous growth.

2. Comprehensive benefits: weekends off, paid leave, social insurance, housing fund, maternity care (radiation-proof clothing, foldable bed for pregnant women).

3. Welfare: enjoy holiday benefits (New Year benefits, Mid-Autumn Festival benefits, Dragon Boat Festival benefits, Goddess Festival benefits, etc.), birthday celebrations (birthday parties and birthday gifts), childbirth gifts and condolences, annual physical examinations, coffee supply, and fifth and tenth-anniversary commemorative rings, among other benefits.

4. Team-building activities: monthly and quarterly department team-building activities, holiday parties, employee family visit days, and outdoor expansion activities.

5. Training and development: provide various paid training (including pre-job training, specialized training, management skills training, etc.).

6. Convenient transportation: close to subway stations and multiple bus lines.

7. Development channels: a position promotion mechanism (management and professional dual channels).

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