Nuts Bar Nuts Bar

Peanut Chikki Production Line

This industrial peanut chikki production line is a complete production line for producing peanut candy of different specifications.

Applications and commodities

This peanut chikki production line is mainly use for making peanut brittle bar and other nut bars. The production line include: peanut roaster, peanut peeling machine, sugar cooking machine, mixing machine, forming machine and packing machine.

The nut chikki making machine is mainly used for the food processing, and molding produced in the medium and large food industry, such as rice candy, rice bar, sesame candy bar, peanut brittle, coarse grains, cereal bar, and other molding and cutting.

Our advantage


Can make a variety of nut candies


Food grade stainless steel


Heating temperature is adjustable


Fully automatic production


Machine can be customized


long lasting

Efficient in every step of production

Peanut Chikki Production Line

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