Nuts Roasting and Chopping Solution Cutted Nuts

Nuts Roasting and Chopping Solution

This production line is used to produce chopped nuts of various sizes. Continuous production throughout the entire process, centralized control, and efficient operation.

Applications and commodities

This nuts roasting and chopping line mainly includes roasting machines, peeling machines, choppers, etc. It is well-made, safe and reliable. Suitable for all kinds of nuts, like peanuts, almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, pistachios, cashews, macadamia nuts, and other granular materials.

Our advantage


Fully automated, continuous production.


Chopped nuts can be graded into multiple sizes.


Advanced chopping technology, even chopping and less loss.


Widely used, suitable for chopping various nuts.


Stable operation and low maintenance cost.


Support customization to meet your special requirements.

Efficient in every step of production

Nuts Roasting and Chopping Solution

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