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Dried Fruit Production Line Solution

Dried fruits are made by cutting fruits into thin slices or blocks and drying them. Dried fruits are usually eaten as snacks, and can also be used in pastries, salads or other dishes to add sweetness and fruit flavor.

Applications and commodities

The dried fruit production line is specially designed for industrialized food processing and mass production. It has a wide range of applications, green and environmentally friendly, low energy consumption, and is simple to operate and convenient. GELGOOG can offer customized dried fruit processing solutions.

The dried fruit production line adopts a PLC automatic control system to control the temperature and humidity in the drying room, and can set the temperature, humidity and drying time of the drying, so as to adapt to different drying materials. There is a temperature and humidity sensor in the drying room to monitor the temperature and humidity changes in the drying room in real time. The finished dehydratored products after drying should be sorted, packaged and stored in time to avoid moisture regain affecting the quality and storage time of the final products.

Our advantage


Fully automated process


Customized solutions according to customer needs


Suitable for various scenarios


Large-capacity equipment, in line with industrial production


Provide professional installation team and after-sales team


More than 10 years of equipment export experience

Efficient in every step of production

Dried Fruit Production Line Solution

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