Sugar Cone Machine

Sugar Cone Machine

Sugar Cone Machine

Sugar Cone Machine

Sugar Cone Machine

Semi-automatic Sugar Cone Machine is the most ideal processing tool for the best-selling popular goods in the current food consumer market - sugar cones, and the sugar cones produced are uniform, colorful, crispy and tasty, clean and hygienic.

Semi-automatic Sugar Cone Machine

The tender yellow crispy sugar cone is a popular food for young and old in both urban and rural areas, which is loved by the people for its rich flavor, crispy taste and rich nutrition. This machine is used to inject the batter into the baking plate, through the baked into the skin, through the mold, rolled into sugar cones, ice cream cones. This machine makes sugar cones, cones crispy and refreshing.

Ideal Applications

  • Drinkery Equipment
  • Coffee shop equipment
  • Casual Food Factory Equipment

Semi-automatic Sugar Cone Machine

Product Highlights


Diversified products


Durable and easy to clean


Simple operation, save labor


Adjustable temperature of baking pan


High safety coefficient of the equipment

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