Quail Birds Chicken Duck Slaughtering Line

Material: Chickens,ducks,quails and other poultry

Capacity: 100-2000pcs/h

Loading Port: Qingdao Port


This series of quail slaughtering machines is used to slaughter a kind of poultry: chickens, ducks, goose, quails and other

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This series of quail slaughter machines is used to slaughter a kind of poultry: chickens, ducks, goose, quails, turkeys and other, all machines are made of stainless steel. Customers also customized according to the requirements of the machine.

Production Process:
A-Poultry Scalding Machine: is a poultry slaughter processing plant must have special equipment, the machine has two kinds of stainless steel and carbon steel specifications, according to different types of poultry, water temperature control between 60-68℃, scalding time in about 1 minute. Feather soaked more uniform and thorough.

B-Poultry hair removal machine: all stainless steel frame, hair removal clean, improve work efficiency, reduce labor intensity.

C-Trimming&viscerate: Need to manually remove the internal organs

D-Cooling machine: clean carcasses and edible viscera need to be reduced to 4 ℃ in a short time. cooling effect is directly related to the quality of poultry meat. cooling is divided into two types of water-cooled and air-cooled, as the sale of frozen meat is best water-cooled, can prevent skin discoloration and cooking black bone phenomenon. Air-cooled for fresh meat for sale.

E-Poutry cutting machine: Poultry slaughtering split saws Select 304 stainless steel material, professional CNC wire cutting technology, cutting products, Very standard.

F-Packing machine: vacuum packing, tray packaging and so on

The parameter of 500kg/h capacity for your information:
NO. Name Model  Unit Quantity
01 Chicken Slaughtering,Hanging and Feeding Conveyor GGML37A/8-6″ m 90
02 Main Drive and Tensioning  Device   SET 1
03 Blood Receiver 5500*1400*800mm SET 1
04 Water Bath Model Corona Machine 1500*500*800mm SET 1
05 Spray Gas Drum Model
Immersion Scalding Machine
2400*700*2300mm SET 1
06 Model A Defeathering Machine 2950*1900*2400MM SET 1
07 Hook Cleaner 1000*850*1000MM SET 1
08 Electric Cabinet 780*600*1800MM SET 1
09 Automatic Cutting Feet Machine   SET 1
10 Automatic Unloading Machine 1000*400*800MM SET 1
11 Automatic Cutting Head Machine   SET 1
12 Viscera Conveyor 5000*600*800MM SET 1
13 Chicken Carcass Cleaning Machine 1200*700*800MM SET 1
14 Screw Per Cooler 4800*1900*2300MM SET 1
15 Chicken Carcass Drain Water Tank 2000*900*900MM SET 1
16 Electric Cabinet GGDKG-5 SET 1
17 Chicken Gizzard Cleaner   SET 1
18 Chicken Gizzard Peeler   SET 1
19 Chicken Feet Heater   SET 1
20 Chicken Feet Peeler   SET 1
21 Working Table 1900*800*800MM SET 6
22 Installation Material      
23 Vacuum Packing Machine   SET 8

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