Commercial Corn Noodles Making Machine|Maize Noodle Maker

Material: corn or maize flour

Capacity: 100-200kg/h

Loading Port: Qingdao port


This corn noodles making machine is a kind of multi-functional machine,which can be used to make the rice noodles,rice cake,cold noodles and corn noodles

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This corn noodles making machine is a kind of multifunctional machine, which can be used to make the rice noodles, rice cake, cold noodles and corn noodles. It can use mechanical energy into heat energy, materials will be extrusion, mature and its product can be eat directly.

Equipment characters:
This corn noodles making machine uses the powder and starch of rice, corn, wheat etc. as main raw materials, the processing is convenient, which can make different shape product after changing different mould.
Processing characteristics:
Raw materials of silk noodles: rice, millet (should first choose early rice meters)
Corn noodles processing raw materials: corn cha
Rice cakes processing raw materials: rice, corn, millet, mung beans etc. (should first choose japonica rice)
Rice cakes can be processed to shape: the oval, hemicycle, round, silk cakes form.
Silk noodles can be processed to shape: round (thick, medium, thin), flat.

1.The capacity for GG-100 and GG-200 is the same. GG-200 has automatic feeding while GG-100 doesn’t has.
2.The machine has 2 moulds for free
Model Power (kw) Voltage (v) Capacity (kg/h)
GG-100 11 380 100-200
GG-200 11 380 100-200

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