Peanut Grading Machine|Peanut Sorting Machine|Nut Grading Machine

Material: peanut

Capacity: 1000-1500kg/h

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This machine is a full set of included hopper,conveyor,peanut sieving machine,supporting base,finished peanut collector etc.3/4/5 layers available,include the sieve residue,it can select 4-5 grades

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This machine is mainly used to sort and grade peanut kernel.Adopting Chain Wheel and Chain to drive push rod,peanut will be sorted recycle fluent. Screen Pieces are punched by steel plate,there are plates for reverting peanut under screen box,thus, all peanut kernel will be sorted and graded by the whole sorting and grading procedure. Screen Box all had a certain gradient, and it will be convenient for peanut to outflow.  
Peanut sieving machine is primary equipment which is used to grade different specification peanut kernels. This machine is a full set of included hopper, conveyor, peanut sieving machine, supporting base, finished peanut collector etc. 3/4/5 layers available, include the sieve residue, it can select 4-5 grades
peanut grading machine
Model GGS-100
Power 1.5kw
Dimension 3520*1200*1820mm
Capacity 1000-1500kg/h

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