What Equipment Is Used For Washing And Packing Vegetables?

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We cannot live without vegetables every day. Vegetables are an integral part of your daily diet. Vegetables can be cooked alone, or paired with meat to make dishes, fruits to make salads, and pasta to make various types of pastries. Vegetables are widely used, nutritious and delicious. However, vegetables harvested from the land not only have yellow leaves, but also a lot of soil. They must be washed many times before processing. The pre-processing of vegetables has deterred many people. The food processing industry saw business opportunities from this. Large-scale washing and processing production lines can enable thousands of households to purchase clean vegetables that can be processed directly. Let’s take the leafy vegetable cabbage as an example to share with you the vegetable washing and packaging line equipment. 

1. Vegetable washing and packaging line process flow

Vegetable washing and packaging line process flow: cutting roots, removing yellow leaves - cutting - two washings - conveying - drying - lifting - packaging.

2. Vegetable washing and packaging line

1. Multi-station picking table

Cabbage is harvested with roots and yellow leaves. On the multi-station picking table, workers wearing food overalls manually cut off the roots of cabbage, picked out the yellow leaves, and placed the cut cabbage on the conveyor belt.

2. Multifunctional vegetable cutting machine

The cabbages with roots cut into them are fed into the multifunctional vegetable cutter in turn, and the vegetable cutter completes the continuous cutting process according to the set cutting standards.

3. Hoist

The cut vegetables enter the vortex washing machine through lifting.

4. Two eddy current washing machines

The flexible washing of the eddy current washing machine is suitable for washing cut vegetables, so that the vegetables can be cleaned while avoiding damage to the vegetables. The vortex washing machine is also equipped with a vibrating drain device. Two eddy current washing machines wash the vegetables twice, improving the cleanliness. 

5. Two-way conveyor belt 

The washed and drained vegetables enter the vegetable basket through a two-way conveyor belt. Bidirectional conveying, combined with 2 centrifugal dryers, can double the processing efficiency.

6. Two centrifugal dryers

Put the vegetable basket filled to 85% into the centrifugal dryer. Dry the moisture on the surface of vegetables through the centrifugal principle. It can improve the freshness and shelf life of vegetables.

7. Hoist

The dried vegetable strips are poured into the feed port and enter the packaging, metal detection and labeling links through the elevator.

8. Multi-head scale packaging machine

The multi-head scale packaging machine can carry out the entire standardized packaging process and automatically complete the weighing, packaging, metal detection, labeling and other processes of vegetables.

The vegetable washing and packaging line equipment developed and designed by our company will be individually adjusted according to the different characteristics of each vegetable and the processing needs of customers, in order to meet the diverse needs of customers.

If you want to know more technical information about vegetable washing and packaging line equipment, please feel free to contact our technical engineers and welcome you to visit our R&D factory.

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